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Happy family   The Airman & Family Readiness Center
(A&FRC) is Aviano's "one stop" shop for Airmen and families, providing specialized services and support to the total force in a new, state-of-the-art facility located on the flight line which is convenient for all newcomers and the existing base populous. Whether you are looking for assistance with finances, PCS moves, volunteering, employment assistance, Air Force Aid, pre-deployments or reintegration, the A&FRC stands ready to meet your need.
Our business is creating strong and stable Airmen and families through multiple programs and a highly skilled work force who produce bottom up/top down results for Squadron Commanders. The A&FRC manages the by-law Transition Assistance Program for separating or retiring members, is the mandatory point of contact for the wounded warrior program, provides a unique Italian experience for newcomers through a local cultural adaptation class and tour that empowers them not only to survive the Italian culture but to embrace it and thrive.
Italia. There are so many good things to say about Italy, where to begin? The people are wonderful, rich in culture, and know how to enjoy life, the land is beautiful and contained in the shape of a boot, and the history is rich and filled with more treasure than one can experience in a lifetime.

Offering world famous landmarks such as Rome, Pisa, Venice, Pompeii, and Milano, one can not whine about inadequate travel opportunities. The railway system is very effective and can be used to get to nearly any destination.



The Department of Veterans Affairs simply known as VA has many benefits and services to assist transitioning service members. Compensation for service-connected disability, education, healthcare and home loan guaranty are among the services that the VA has to offer. You earned these benefits based on your military service. Some of these benefits require an application process.

Do you know the timeline, requirements and criteria for each of the benefits? Are you within a year of your separation or retirement? Are you within a 180 days (or less) from separating or retiring? Don't delay, know your VA benefits. Call A&FRC for a one-on-one appointment with the VA representative or you may email directly regarding your specific VA benefits questions/concerns at

Congratulations on your assignment to Aviano AB, Italy. An assignment to Aviano AB is both exciting and rewarding. Whether this is your first assignment abroad, or if you're a veteran in PCSing, we are here to assist.

Moving to a new base presents its challenges. When you factor in a new culture on top of your move, it adds to the excitement, but as well, it can add to the stress of relocating.

We would like to ensure your move to Aviano AB is fairly smooth. While the information here can be helpful, your sponsor is the key to a good transition to Aviano AB.

Aviano’s INTRO program is mandatory for all active-duty personnel new to Aviano Air Base; DoD civilians and spouses are highly encouraged to attend. It is one-stop in-processing for many agencies. It is typically on Monday and Tuesday starting at 8:00 am and is two days long.  Newcomers should complete their AFI Driver’s License tests prior to arrival if possible, and bring their test certificates to Right Start (or Jump Start – see below) to get driver’s license onsite. Go online to view driver’s license study guides and take the tests. Most Fridays an optional local area tour, “Benvenuti” is available Spouses are welcome and highly encouraged to attend both Right Start and Benvenuti.

See the Right Start schedule for specifics (on the left side panel), including a list of what to bring to Right Start the first day.

An optional session, generally offered the day after the Rotator arrives, to help newcomers get their AFI driver's license and start house hunting without waiting for Right Start. Obtain details at the Passenger Terminal or from your sponsor.
The A&FRC has loads of programs to assist our brave airmen!
Home Buyers Seminar Sponsor Training Bundles for Babies
Transition Assistance Car Care Pre-Separation
Volunteer Orientation Employment Class Smooth Move
Basic Italian Heart Link S.O.C.K.S
Air Force Aid Employment Assistance Personal & Work Life
Key Spouse Program Personal Financial Readiness Personal and Family Readiness
Relocation Assistance Transition Assistance Volunteer Resource

Smooth Move Slides PCSing outside the US  
Vet - Driving in the EU with Pets Mobility Requirements  
Vet - PCSing to the US    

Aviano Air Base, 31st Force Support Squadron
Address: Unit 6122, APO, AE 09604-6122

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