Airman Leadership School

The Aviano Airman Leadership School (ALS) provides the first of four levels of Enlisted Professional Military Education to Airmen from five different European military installations.

The course consists of 24 academic days/192-hours and is designed to prepare Senior Airmen to be professional, war-fighting Airmen who can supervise and lead Air Force work teams to support the employment of air, space and cyberspace power.


Education Center

The Aviano Education and Training Center boasts USAFE’s newest education center with state of the art classrooms including a Chemistry/Biology laboratory. In partnership with four local colleges and universities, we offer five terms per year providing classes at the Certificate, Associate, Bachelor and Master degree level. Commissioning briefings and Study Skills classes are conducted on a monthly basis.



The Base Library mission is “to provide advanced research, reference and leisure resources for Aviano’s USAF/NATO mission, educational pursuits and individual desires.” The Aviano Base Library is located in Area 1, Building 149, nestled between the Youth Center and the Education Testing Center. Our collection consists of over 39K volumes of books, DVDs, CDs, newspapers, magazines, paperbacks, books on CDs. We provide several programs, services, and resources tailored to meet the patrons’ educational, professional and leisure needs in diverse formats.


Professional Development Center

The Professional Development Center (PDC) consists of the Career Assistance Advisor (CAA) and First Term Airman Center (FTAC).

The CAA manages the PDC, providing oversight of FTAC, briefings, and seminars. Provides transitional information to all enlisted Airmen that receive Aviano AB as their first duty assignment.

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