The A&FRC collaborates with other base volunteer agencies to recruit, train, place, and recognize volunteer service. If you are interesting in volunteering here at Aviano, this page will provide you with the information and resources you need to get started.


Volunteers are needed to support many on-base and off-base agencies, both on a regular basis and for one-time events. Individual and team efforts are vital throughout the community, in everything from schools, to sports, to cultural, charitable, religious, and civic activities. Any interest, talent, or ability that you have can be shared and used to better yourself and your community. Volunteering not only provides a service to others, it is also personally rewarding on many levels

Volunteer to Job Search

Volunteer to Network

Volunteer to Gain Experience

Volunteer to Avoid a Resume Gap


Volunteer hours are recorded to provide an official record of volunteering, to help with quantifying the overall workload at Aviano AB, and for award nominations.

Any volunteer may register at and record volunteer activities. When using the President’s Volunteer Service Award Website to log your hours, please remember to edit your profile and enter Aviano A&FRC as the Certifying Organization; use the Record of Service Key: FVK-39863.


If you are considering volunteering on a regular basis, first think about what you enjoy doing, what you would like to learn or where you would like to work. General categories often considered include healthcare, religion, youth activities and sports, parks and recreation, charitable agencies, or cultural organizations.

Determine how much time – which days, which hours, how many months – you will volunteer. Consider transportation, childcare, or other factors that may impact where or when you may volunteer.

Now, determine which agencies “match” with what you need and can offer. Contact one or more agencies, speak with the person responsible for volunteers. Ask what volunteer opportunities are available, or explain what you can offer. Take the time to select the agency that will be right for you.

If you need further assistance with determining where to volunteer, please attend the A&FRC Volunteer Orrientation and/or call the A&FRC at 632-5407 for an appointment. A staff member will work with you and may coordinate with an agency to place you in a position.

If you already know where you wish to volunteer, you may contact most organizations directly. If you are interested in volunteering at the Clinic or Vet Clinic, please contact the American Red Cross at 632-5576 (0434-30-5576).

If you are accepted for a volunteer position at an Air Force organization, a DD Form 2793 must be completed. The organization can help you complete it, you will sign it, then bring it to the A&FRC for our signature. (It is best to call first – 632-5407, 0434-30-5407).


The awards program affords the opportunity to recognize those that have been singled out as truly outstanding in their efforts as a volunteer.

Air Force Volunteer Excellence Award (VEA) – The VEA was established to recognize federal civilians, family members, and military and federal retirees who perform outstanding volunteer community service of a sustained, direct, and consequential nature. The VEA is available to up to four (4) Aviano AFB personnel annually. A call for nominations is normally sent in the first quarter of the calendar year.

President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) – The A&FRC is a Certifying Organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award – a recognition program for Americans of all ages who contribute a significant amount of time to volunteer service. The program recognizes individuals, families, and groups that have achieved a certain standard – measured by the number of hours served in a calendar year. Whether you use the PVSA Website or the Volunteer WebApp to log you hours, the A&FRC Volunteer Program Manager and PVSA Certifying Official will validate your hours to ensure you receive the recognition you deserve.

Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal – Military members may become eligible for the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal. This award is processed through the Military Personnel Flight; approval authority is delegated to commanders authorized to award their Service Achievement Medal.

Volunteer service as part of Performance Recognition – Volunteer service is utilized as part of the performance rating for military members, and is used for quarterly and annual recognition packages for military members and civilians.

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