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Child & Youth Behavioral Military & Family Life Consultants are Available!


Child & Youth Behavioral Military & Family Life Consultants (CYB-MFLCs) are available to talk to children about issues such as school adjustment issues, daily life issues, deployments and much more. Meetings are confidential and free of charge. CYB-MFLCs can be reached through Youth Programs at 632-7575, Area 1 CDC at 632-8246 or Area F CDC at 632-5199.



The Open Rec Program at Aviano Air Base provides age appropriate activities and experiences for youth age 9-13 to include field trips, homework assistance, arts & crafts, science, cooking, music, cultural, community experiences and learning opportunities in safe environments under the supervision of trained program assistants. Options for care consist of before school and after school. Fees for this program are $75 for every three months, purchased in 3, 6, or 12 month units.

All youth, ages 9 – 13, are required to be signed out of the program daily by parent or authorized adult 18 or older (per Italian Law for Child Supervision).

Aviano Air Base Open Rec Membership

With membership, youth receive a membership card, access to privileges in Open Recreation and discounted rates and priority registration for instructional classes and sports. As per AFI 34-249, participation in youth programs is limited to youth up to 18 years old. Parents must complete an AF Form 88, as a part of the Youth Programs Application.

Program Participation

Youth Programs participates in official 4-H & Boys and Girls Clubs of America programs.

4th of July Celebration 11 Days 17 Hours 28 Minutes 52 Seconds
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