It has been brought to our attention from clients that they are being contacted by an entity claiming to be from the utility company. These callers are making claims of past due accounts and are requesting action and threatening to close utilities. Do not provide the caller any information. The companies that we work with are fully aware that they must contact Home Fuels concerning any client matters and will not contact you directly.

Should you receive such a call, please ask the caller to provide the name of the company and contact information (Name and Number). Please pass the information on to Home Fuels so we can look into the matter.


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About Home Fuels

Home Fuels is the liaison office for the base community to the Italian utility companies. The function of this office is to initiate the set up of the customers’ gas and electric service, set up Gasolio deliveries, and to accept payment for the utility bills.

When the set up information is received from the customer to start their gas and electric services, that information is then passed on to the utility companies to await a connection appointment. If information is missing or incorrect, the utility company will notify Home Fuels of the missing or incorrect information. Home Fuels will contact the customer to get the correct information to continue the set up of the customers’ utilities.

Home Fuels works diligently to ensure our customers receive their utilities as soon as possible after the connection request is made. Be advised that there are certain things that are out of Home Fuels control, i.e. connection dates, time of transfer and any estimation done on utility bills.

Manage Your Utility Bills


Utility TrakR How-to Guides

Utility TrakR is a secure website. You will notice when you are redirected to Utility TrakR, the beginning of the URL start with https, which stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. The ‘S’ at the end of https stand for ‘secure’. It means all communication between your browser and the website are encrypted.

Additionally, Utility TrakR uses Chase Paymentech as our preferred payment gateway; therefor, your credit card information isn’t handled by or stored with Utility TrakR or the Home Fuels office. To learn more about Chase Paymentech’s security and compliance, visit Chase Paymentech.

To Pay or Not to Pay
If your Home Fuels Invoice has parentheses around the amount in the “Total Due” section, it is a credit and you do not need to pay the invoice. Example: ($75.00) is a credit and $75.00 is a balance due.


If the Home Fuels Account Management team emailed you to notify you of a pending refund, please use the following two links to complete the required forms and send the signed copies back the our Account Management Team for processing.

Link 1: Acknowledgement Letter

Link 2: Electronic Funds Transfer Form

Tired of the Breaker Tripping?

Did you turn on your oven, the air conditioner, and decide to wash a load of laundry at the same time…power outage got you trippin’? Learn how you can increase your wattage …

As a home fuels customer, you can submit a Wattage Increase Form with us and we will request a wattage increase for your residence with your utility company.

A unit’s standard wattage is usually set to 3.3 KW. We can assist you with increasing your wattage to 4.5 KW or even 6 KW depending on what your requirements are. Keep in mind that request to increase/decrease wattage after your initial utility setup will result in extra fees. It is best to request your desired wattage upon initial setup. NOTE: rates per KWH differentiate as the wattage increases. Higher rates and bills can be expected with higher KW settings at your residence. Click the following link to download a copy of our Wattage Increase Form – Wattage-Increase-Form.pdf.

Did you know?

Customers save 36% on their gas bill and 13% on their electric bill due to the exemption of paying IVA taxes through the Home Fuels Program! Imposta Valore Aggiunto (IVA) is a tax all Italians must pay to the government on their utilities, but the US government is exempt from payment in accordance with Article 72 of the IVA implementing decree. As long as 31 FSS pays for the bill initially our service members will be exempt from this tax. It’s money in the bank!

We Might Switch You!

Home Fuels is working to provide customers the best service possible. We will switch customers to utility companies that provide the best services.

Looking to receive a gas bill?
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