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No-Fee & Official Passport Info 
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Passport Office Services

The Passports Office offers the following services:

  • Passports (tourist, no-fee, official, diplomatic) for military, DoD civilians, and dependents of military & DoD civilians (not contractors)
  • Visas for official travel for military & DoD civilians & their dependents (not for tourist travel)
  • SSN cards for newborns, replacement, and name changes
  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad for newborns
  • Command sponsorship for dependents
Dependents are required an official (no fee) passport and visa prior to arriving at Aviano Air Base.

Military dependents and DoD civilians and their dependents should delay their arrival in Italy until the Italian Missione Visas are obtained.

**Passports are currently taking 8 weeks to process. Applications can not be expedited.

** Members assigned to Aviano (Military, Civilian, Dependents) are not authorized to go directly to the U.S Consulate in Milan or the U.S Embassy in Rome for any passport services. In the event of an emergency and member must go there, a signed Statement of Consent from our office is required. If you go there without our consent and for non-emergency matters you will be turned away.

Entry requirements for Italy can be found in the DoD Foreign Clearance Guide at

Important Passport & Visa Info
There has been an increase in members arriving at bases in Italy without the required no-fee or official passports containing Italian mission visas. This results in many problems for the family. Use the following information to help you and your family have a successful start to your tour here at Aviano.

As you prepare for your PCS…

If required documents are not in-hand…

No-fee & Official Passport Differences

DoD Civilians & their dependents must…

If Italy is a follow-on assignment…

Not having the Italian Missione Visa in the proper passport results in the following problems:

Not covered by the SOFA Agreement

Cannot obtain a Codice Fiscale

Cannot obtain a Soggiorno

4th of July Celebration 11 Days 17 Hours 33 Minutes 30 Seconds
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