The 31FSS Marketing Department at Aviano Air Base provides marketing and publicity support for base-wide events and for all of the 31st Force Support Squadron facilities and activities in addition to program planning, evaluation and market research and surveys. The Marketing Department showcases FSS events to a 10K base populace as well as give marketing support to our Force Support Squadron GSUs. Military personnel and civilians from as far as Ghedi and Vicenza participate in some of our popular events. The Marketing Department also supports MWR element programs through the Commercial Sponsorship Program.
Contact Information
  • Caitie Bailey
  • Commercial Sponsorship Coordinator
  • 31 FSS Marketing
  • Aviano, Italy
  • Comm: 0434-30-1365
SponsorshipAdvertisingPrivate Orgs & Other Events
The Aviano Air Base Commercial Sponsorship program allows businesses to receive promotional exposure in exchange for financial assistance, product, or services support for base events. Opportunities are available throughout the year in conjunction with activity monthly special events i.e. Golf and Bowling Championships; Fitness activities; Military Club functions; Youth programs; Outdoor Recreation; Travel and Trade show, Festivals and Air Shows. Click here to view the Sponsorship Info Booklet
By helping sponsor events and programs at Aviano Air Base, companies can take advantage of a wide variety of promotional opportunities within the military community. Some of the benefits MAY include:
  • Company name/logo displayed on promotional materials
  • Announcements at the event of sponsors' name and support
  • On-site signage and product displays
  • Recognition as a sponsor on facility web page
  • VIP status at events for major sponsors
  • Photo Support and After-Action Reporting
All sponsorship benefits are dependant on contract approval and may not always be available. Contact the Marketing Department Commercial Sponsorship Representative at 0434-30-1365 for more information.

Opportunities at Aviano Air Base

Below is a brief list of the various Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs from Aviano Air Base that you may wish to sponsor.

– National Craft Open House
– St. Patrick’s Day Bowling
– Baseball Blastoff!
– Biggest Winner Finale
– Spring Craft Fair
– Club Membership Drive
– Pool Grand Opening
– Summer Craft Camp
– Summer Reading Program at Library
– Fourth of July Wing Celebration
– Summer Reading Program Finale at Base Library
– Duathlon
– End of Summer Block Party
– Annual Day for Kids at the Youth Center
– Annual Aviano Marathon/Fun Run
– AF Gallery Showcase Presentation at Arts & Crafts
– Fall Fest
– Family Turkey Fun Run 5k & 10k
– FSS Marketing Scavenger Hunt
– Holiday Tree Lighting
– Aerobathon at the Fitness Center
– Holiday Crafts Open House
Monthly Events open for Sponsorship:
– Golf Tournaments
– Monthly Fun Runs/Walks
– Family Bingo Program
– Other Library Programs

Military bases have strict rules governing the display of advertising, product exhibits and sales materials. Businesses are permitted to engage in promotional activities on bases only under special circumstances and only through Services morale, welfare and recreational programming.
Advertising Sales Available at Aviano AB
If you would like to promote your business on Aviano Air base you must first contact the 31FSS Marketing Department by calling 0434-30-1365 or send an email to Ad space may be available for our 31 FSS Kiosks, Qubica Screens at the Bowling Center, buzzers at Mulligan's Grill, Digital Menu signs at La Bella Vista Club and Alpine Golf Course, and monthly Snapshot magazine available around base.


As we enter the summer, private organizations (POs) are beginning to plan various fundraising events. Many POs will pay for these events by soliciting gifts and contributions from off-base organizations. Although this article is a handy guide when drafting an off-base solicitation proposal, it should not be construed as legal advice. AFIs 36-3101 and 34-223 are the final authorities on what activities are allowed. First and foremost, organizations must send a copy of their proposals to the legal office outlining exactly what it is they would like to do. Next, find out if the organization is a PO. A private organization is a self-sustaining special interest group, set up by people acting outside the scope of any official position they may have in the federal government. This includes organizations like the Unit Advisory Council, Top Four, the Officer’s Spouses Club, etc. Any group with average monthly assets exceeding $1,000.00 over a 3-month period must apply through the Force Support Squadron and Legal Office for formal PO status. After being authorized, these POs are overseen by 31 FSS. If the organization takes in assets less than $1,000 over a 3-month period, it will likely be considered an unofficial activity. Unofficial Activities (UAs) are subject to the same restrictions as POs when soliciting. When planning a fundraiser, these are the things you should ask yourself: Who, What, When and Where?

Who are you going to solicit and who is going to conduct the solicitations?

What is the basis for the solicitation?

When you plan to conduct your solicitation?

Where will you solicit?

We hope this article has provided some guidance on how to properly solicit for your PO off base. It is important that we conduct ourselves professionally when interacting with the local community. Remember, the base commander retains the authority to disband any and all POs he thinks prejudice or bring discredit to the Air Force.
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