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Ladies and Gentleman, start your “Engines” with the Auto Hobby Center

The Auto Hobby Shop provides high-tech automotive repairs and diagnosis, with lifts, stall spaces, specialized equipment, do-it-yourself work spaces and staff to assist with all your vehicle maintenance needs.




Oil changes, tune-ups, alignments, brake service, safety checks, engine code scans, coolant flush-n-fills, tire mounting/balancing, A/C servicing, vehicle repairs, shop safety orientation briefings, on-base emergency auto road side assistance instructional classes, deployed spouses car care and much more…

Dropping off your vehicle?
Please be aware that all repair work on vehicles scheduled for maintenance will remain at the center for the entire day until all work has been completed. Please make arrangements for alternate transportation should your vehicle repairs not be completed.

On Base Roadside Assistance
Auto Hobby offers on-base Roadside Assistance for any valid ID cardholder with an AFI registered vehicle that is experiencing mechanical problems. Give the Auto Hobby Center a call at 632-CARS (2277) for more information!

Dispose of your car battery the easy way!
Auto Hobby Center is the recycling point for used personal automotive parts and fluids – motor oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid etc.; car and motorcycle batteries only; automotive scrap metal; and used tires.

This service is only available during AHC hours of operations and is free to US ID card holders only. It is illegal to leave automotive waste at the gate during non-operating hours and doing so could result in a fine and or other disciplinary action.

4th of July Celebration 11 Days 17 Hours 32 Minutes 29 Seconds
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