Area 1  Bldg. 106

DSN  632-5479 
COMM  0434-30-5479 

CC and Café de Crayon Hours:
Monday-Friday • 1000-1800 
Saturday • 1100-1800 
Closed on Sundays & Holidays 

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About the Community Center

The Community Center (CC) at Aviano Air Base is the heart of Aviano’s leisure programs. The Community Center caters to all members of the Aviano community to include youth, teens, single airmen, families and retirees. They service the community by offering group study classes, base wide events such as, the 4th of July, Fall Fest and Haunted House, Tree lighting and Spring Carnival. We offer target programs like Family Bingo, Family Movie nights, PS3/XBOX/XBOX 1, talent shows and more.

The Community Center is located in Area 1. The main building houses Cyber Café, Billiards Room, Gaming system room, Ballroom with stage and a small Conference room. They also offer fax, scan, printing, copying service which comes with a fee. Café de Crayons opened in March 2015 and offers a children’s play area for ages 0 to 5 years. Adults can enjoy coffee, comfortable seating, read or just relax while their little ones play in a safe, toy-filled area.

Across the street is building 110 where the cultural art classes are held. The Community Center offers a variety of dance including ballet, jazz and tap. They also offer music, Italian language classes, zumba and more. The Community Center partners with other FSS facilities for spring, fall and winter events.

4th of July Celebration 11 Days 17 Hours 30 Minutes 10 Seconds
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