Visit MWR’s Outdoor Rec and Army Community Services (ACS) at Caserma Ederle for great lists of restaurants near Vicenza and language guides for dining out.

Dining Out
The Slow Food movement originated in Italy and it’s no wonder because Italians enjoy good ingredients and savor them (over a 2-3 hour meal!) with friends and family. Meals
  • Breakfast (“colazione”) pastry/drink at a café or bar
  • Lunch (“pausa pranzo”) 1200-1430
  • Dinner (“cena”) 1900-2030
  • Each person is charged a 1€-3€ table fee (“coperto”)
  • Ask for your check (“Il conto, per favore.”)
  • Pay at the register, not at the table
  • Service is included in the “coperto” cover charge
  • For superior service, tip an extra 5-10%
  • Want pepperoni? Ask for “salamino piccante”
  • Mushrooms (“funghi”) are fresh only if stated
Café/Bar or Autogrills  (Highway Restaurants)
Grocery Shopping
  • Local shops close for “riposo” from 1230-1530
  • Local shops close on Sun with limited hours on Mon
  • Chain stores are open all day (“orario continuato”)
  • Insert 1€ coin to unlock; return it & take your coin
  • Always use a glove to handle produce
  • Weigh your produce before checking out
  • Customers bag their own groceries
  • BYOB - Bring Your Own Bags or pay 0.10-0.50€/bag
Deli/Fish/Cheese/Pastry Counter
  • Take a number and wait for it to be called
  • ½ kilogram (“mezzo chilo”) = 500 grams = 1.1 lbs.
  • 100 grams (“un etto”), 200 grams (“due etti”)
  • Find raw milk (“latte crudo”) machines at farms
  • Use to find milk dispensaries

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