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Everything you need to know before arriving at Aviano.

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  • Before Arrival

    Everything you need to know before arriving to Aviano.

    Bottom Line:

    DO NOT leave the U.S. without an Official / No-Fee Passport & Visa
    DO NOT ENTER ITALY until the start date of your Visa

  • Getting Started

  • Command Sponsorship

  • EFMP Screening

    exceptional families exceptional service

    Why do I need an EFMP Screening?

    At your EFMP-Medical screening appointment, the Family Member Relocation Clearance Coordinator (FMRCC) or Special Needs Coordinator (SNC) will review your screening questionnaire, outpatient medical records and any supporting documentation, to determine if any family member meets the criteria for enrollment into EFMP. Please arrive at your local EFMP office with the following:

    • DD2792: One for each family member(s) identified with a special medical need
    • DD2792-1: All dependent(s) from birth to high school
    • IEP: Most current (if applicable)
    • Q-Code letter: Most current
    • AF2523: If newly coded or missing, one per family
    • DD2005: If newly coded or missing, one per adult

    What happens after the screening?
    Once a Facility Determination Inquiry (FDI) is submitted, the gaining base has 14 days to review.
    Authorization for Command Sponsorship

    If your family is approved to accompany the active duty member, each dependent will be listed on the PCS orders. Each dependent must then apply for a No-Fee Passport and Visa.

    Need help navigating the process?

    MyVector Travel Screening Questionnaire is the primary method of PCS applications.

  • Passports & Visas

    Bottom Line:

    DO NOT leave the U.S. without an Official / No-Fee Passport & Visa
    DO NOT ENTER ITALY until the start date of your Visa

  • Book Lodging

    Pets & Lodging

    TLF does accept pets! There are 24 units for occupants PCSing with pets. If the units are occupied and non-pet rooms are available, you will not be issued a statement of non-availability if you have a pet and decide to stay off-base.

    • At check-in, you must present a rabies certification for your pets
    • Pets must always be on a leash
    • Lodging costs for pets are at your own expense
    • Nightly Pet Fee: $10.00/night, payable in advance
    • Pet Cleaning Fee: No cleaning fee unless there is damage
    • Kennels are available in the area
    • Limit of pets is 2
    Off-base Lodging

    Everyone must first try to secure lodging on-base. If there are no vacancies, you will be required to obtain a statement of non-availability prior to obtaining off-base lodging or risk not being eligible for temporary lodging allowance (TLA) reimbursement! Mountain View Lodge will make arrangements for you off-base and help secure lodging.

    For local Hotels & Motels please click here.

  • Book Travel

    Individually Billed Account (IBA)

    With an IBA, DoD member will, use a Government Travel Card (GTC) to pay for flight plans made at the Commercial Travel Office (CTO). The DoD member will then claim reimbursement by filling out a travel voucher during in-processing in Italy.

    NOTE: CTO can book flights to/from alternate ports but you must pay any costs above your travel entitlement.

    Centrally Billed Account (CBA)

    Use of a Centrally Billed Account (CBA) is authorized when the traveler meets the IBA exemption criteria in the Government Travel Card Regulation DoDI 5154.31, Volume 4, paragraphs 040601 and 040602. Additionally, the use of CBA should be stated on the orders.

    NOTE: All authorized travel must go through TMO for review prior to going to CTO.

    Booking Flight & Ticketing Process

    All travel arrangements must be made through the Traffic Management Office (TMO) at your losing duty station.

    1. Determine your desired travel dates. Travel is from the airport nearest to your losing duty station (or location on orders) to the port of debarkation (arrival airport) on orders. TIP: Traveling with Pets? Pre-plan before going to Commercial Travel Office (CTO)
    2. Visit or contact your CTO (e.g. CWT, Sato Travel) with:
      • 2 copies of orders with dependents listed
      • Dependent No-Fee Passports with Italian Visas
      • Date of Birth (DOB) for each passenger
      • NOTE: To get tickets, dependents names on no-fee passports and PCS orders must be an exact match
      • NOTE: Infants will be given their own seat
    3. Provide the CTO with an email and point of contact
    4. The CTO will email your reservation (It is not a ticket)
    Preparing for Flight Day

    Ask your airline if you can carry certain childcare items onto the plane (i.e. strollers, pack-n-plays, and car seats)

    • Hand-carry medical, dental, and school records
    • Hand-carry important family documents
    • Hand-carry pet documentation, pet food and supplies
    • Ensure you have contact info for your overseas sponsor, hotel, etc.
    • Sign up for free call/message apps on phone/tablet
    • Bring an International adapters (great for overseas layovers)
    Arriving in Italy

    The ITT Patriot Shuttle can transport members to on- or off-base locations, and is available 24/7. Reservations must be made online at least 2 business days in advance; a late fee will be assessed for bookings made inside of 2 business days. For more details & to book:

    NOTE: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and GTC are accepted for payment. GTC is reimbursable on travel voucher. Keep your receipts.

  • Traveling with Pets

    After CTO Visit
    1. Confirm Pet Flight: Call and reconfirm your pet’s reservation in the weeks/days before departure. Pet reservations can get lost easily.
    2. Flight Day: Arrive extra early to pay and check-in pets. NOTE: Have a plan B (change flight or friend on standby) in case of a temperature embargo on flight day.
    3. Transportation from Airport in Italy to Post: Prearrange pet transport. If you arrive at an airport other than Venice (VCE), or if you arrive in VCE and your pet weighs over 3 kilograms (Approx. 6.6 pounds) or its cage does not fit on/between bus seats, pre-arrange pet transport.

    Additional Pet Travel websites:

  • Shipping Household Goods (HHG)

    Personally Procured Move (PPM)

    Members can drive a portion of their HHG or Mail some items to their overseas APO Box before arriving. Initiate PPM shipment with your local TMO before driving or mailing your HHG. Members driving must obtain certified weight tickets showing full, and empty weight. Submit postal receipt or weight tickets and your PPM documents with a copy of your Orders to Aviano TMO to initiate reimbursement. Your claims will not be submitted untill all HHG/UB has been delivered. Total reimbursement will not exceed the Government Constructed Cost (GCC).

    Special HHG Considerations:
    • Airmen in Dorms: Allotted 500 pounds Unaccompanied Baggage (UB) or 10% Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR) weight allowance.
    • Deferred Dependents: Orders must reflect delayed reporting of dependents with physical address, and Aviano Housing Memo required to ship family HHG.
    • “All Others Tour”: Family members remaining in U.S. may store/ship goods to a new location if DoD member is authorized to move dependents from permanent duty station to new location on orders.
    • Newlyweds: To ship from additional location beyond a 50 mile radius of duty station, orders must reflect spouse physical address or an amendment to orders must be obtained to reflect HHG location.
    • Shipments After Arrival: You are allowed HHG shipment if you have 12 months left on tour, and did not ship any HHG.
    Service Member and/or Spouse Pro-Gear

    Pro-gear is work-related equipment. It must be completely separated from the rest of your items so that they can be packed, marked and weighed separately. These items are not included in the total weight of household goods.

    What is considered pro-gear? Services members are authorized: 2,000+ lbs. and spouses are authorized 500+ lbs.

    Unaccompanied Baggage (UB)

    This is an air freight shipment. These are the smaller household electronics, kitchen appliances and household goods you’ll want to have just as you move into your new home overseas.

    It takes about 6 weeks to ship your UB and about 4-5 weeks to move into a house.

    Consider packing:

    • Kitchen: Dishes, pots/pans, mixing bowls, casserole dish, cutting board, chopping knife, silverware, strainer, wine/beer opener, paper towels, plastic ware, cooking utensils, kitchen towels.
    • Bath: Rugs, towels, washcloths, hand towels, workout towels, toilet paper, plastic shower curtains (keep cool air inside hall/bedrooms by hanging a shower curtain in the hall doorway).
    • Bed: Pillows, sheets, air mattress, mattress cover, rugs, clothes, hangers.
    • Other: Bicycle (a must for getting around easily) and gear, dual-voltage electronics (e.g. smaller TV & DVD player).
  • Shipping Vehicle

  • Set Up Overseas P.O. Box

    Flight/Jump Record | Medical Records | Schedule Dorm Out

  • 7 Days

    Permisso Di Soggiorno Turn-in | Vehicles/Motorcycle/Gas Card/Orders/Road Tax | Schedule Final Out

  • 5 Days


  • 1 Day

    Final Out

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