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Building Memories in Legoland, Germany

ITT's Legoland trip was awesome to say the least. We started the trip at 1am Friday night, loaded up the bus and headed to Germany. After a long sleepy bus ride we stopped at a quaint little shop just across the Austria Germany boarder. This shop was so cute, they had a huge deli with every kind of meat and cheese you can imagine. I wandered through the store and found some delicious pasties, a breakfast buffet, a wall of jams and jellies and tons of German themed trinkets. After everyone got some food in their systems we got back on the road to finish off the trip to Legoland!

Around 9 am we had arrived! Tickets were distributed and the fun started! I spent roughly an hour just walking around looking at all the mini towns made out of Legos. They even had a Venice replica; water, boats and all made out of tiny little Legos! It was unreal to see. After making my way through the crowds, my friend, her children and I had gotten to the area of rides and a rollercoaster. So I snagged my friend's kids and made them ride as many rides as they could stand. I was very impressed by the attractions they had. I'm a rollercoaster fanatic, and these definitely had my adrenaline going. We spent the next 3 or 4 hours riding the rides, eating junk food, buying Legos we didn't need and laughing.

6pm rolled around and it was time to load up the bus and head back to Aviano. We stopped at what I thought was the coolest McDonald's I've ever been to. We all refueled after a long, hot, exhausting day. Once we were back en route home, everyone settled in, got comfortable and slept the bus ride away. We arrived back to base at 3am, an hour ahead of schedule and we all parted ways and went home! Overall, this was a 5 star trip for me. It was a blast; so much laughter and sunshine.

Interested in the next trip to Legoland or other locations? Visit for all the details!

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