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New Air Force Lodging Rates


The Air Force Services Agency recently published increases to the Air Force Lodging Rate, starting 1 January 2019.

The increases are below:

VQ: $60 to $70
TLF: $63 to $77
DVQ: $69 to $79

Below is a list of Q&As which we hope will help answer your questions:

Will I see improvements in AF Lodging as a result of this change?

The expectation is that over time AF Lodging facility improvements will move toward more modern facilities that conform to current industry standards.

How soon will AF Lodging facilities be improved as a result of this rate increase?

The rate increase is only one part of our Lodging Transformation. The increased rates for FY19 will start to build the cash required to offset the additional expenses expected beginning in FY20. Customers will see improvements in 2-4 years.

Why are nightly lodging rates increasing?

Previously, a portion of AF Lodging expenses was paid for with APF funds. Now, 100% of the Lodging Budget must come from user fees generated through the nightly room rate. The rate adjustment allows AF Lodging to better maintain properties and modernize Air Force facilities for Airmen and their families. Although there will be a fee increase, we are committed to providing our customers affordable prices and comfortable stays.

Does the FY19 rate increase impact Space Available customers?

The rate increase impacts all customers. However, Space-A lodging for non-official travel still provides a quality, affordable lodging experience at lower cost than off-base lodging—where and when lodging capacity exceeds mission requirements

I already had a reservation before the rates changed. Will Lodging honor those rates?

No, as of 1 Jan 19, the new rates will be the rates applied when you complete your stay.

Are we expecting lodging rates to increase again in future years?

Yes. Now that major lodging budget expenses, such as utilities and maintenance, are no longer paid for with APF, there will likely be a need in the future to adjust the rates again to account for these costs as we continue to modernize the portfolio.

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