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Youth Sports

The old African proverb, "it takes a village to raise a child," rings true in any military community you come across. 

We all know that life in Aviano is far from predictable, and often times demanding, which makes establishing a close knit 'village' especially vital. No matter how old a person is, we as humans thrive when we surround ourselves with people who care for us and share similar interests. That is why the role of a Youth Sports Coach is so important to the youngest members of our community. 

Coaches at the Aviano Youth Sports do more than blow a whistle and tell kids to run a lap. They step into a child's life and assume the role of another trusted adult within their circle. Coaches develop bonds that have the potential to last a lifetime. With deployments and TDY's looming around every corner at Aviano, every opportunity to step into the life of a child and serve as a positive role model should be taken. 

As a coach for Aviano Youth Sports, adults have the opportunity to craft relationships with their own children, as well as children all across the base with diverse backgrounds and talents. The training you receive as a coach transfers to most every base you go to and the connections you build can withstand move after move. You have the opportunity to teach children skills that will help them on and off the field that prove to be invaluable. 

At Aviano Youth Sports we offer sports year round and are always looking for new coaches to help strengthen our village and build resilient children. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact or call 043-430-4784.

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