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Continental United States


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    PCS to the Continental United States

    This table will breakdown only the steps needed for an assignment in the continental United States.

  • 180 Days


  • 120 Days

    Plan My Move

  • 90 Days

    Equipment | Dental | Passport | Vehicle Shipping

  • 60 Days

    Personal Property | Housing | Facility Manager

  • 45 Days

    USAFE IT Asset User | EFMP-FS | FMS | Pet Owners

  • 30 Days

    Finance | Base Library | Customer Service Clearance | Education Records | Federal Voting Assistance Program | IPE | Mental Health | Flight Medicine | Non-Pet Owners/Previous Pet Owners |Removal From Meal Card | SIPR

    Education Records

    The Education Center will evaluate your records for missing grades, TA reimbursement, etc., 60 days prior to your departure date.  Please take the appropriate corrective actions, if staff indicates required actions.

    Your AFVEC record will be locked with a PCS Counseling Requirement once your assignment is in MilPDS.  This PCS Counseling needs to be completed at your next Education Center.

    Please call 632-5330 if you have questions/concerns.

    Non-Pet Owners/Previous Pet Owners

    Non-Pet Owners and Previous Pet-Owners - please contact the Vet Clinic at 632-8485 to be outprocessed.

    Previous Pet Owners may be required to provide documentation for death or loss of pet or transfer of ownership. If you are transferring your pet to another
    person, you must come into the Vet Clinic with the new owner. The new owner must also register the pet with the clinic before you can be cleared through the vet clinic. If the new owner is an Italian National, you must bring a MFR signed by your 1st shirt into the clinic that includes the local national’s name, phone number and physical address.

    Removal From Meal Card

    If you have been on meal card at anytime while stationed at Aviano, please contact your CSS to have an AF 220 completed. Once completed, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the completed form and inform her you are needing to be checked off on the out processing list.

    E-4 and below who have never been on meal card since stationed on Aviano, please call x8948 to be checked off.

    E-5 and above/officers will be automatically cleared & do not need to call.

    Flight Medicine

    E-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) UNENCRYPTED w/in 30 days of departure date.

    E-mail MUST include your PCS location, RNLTD and Final-Out date.

    IMR must be GREEN until your RNLTD. Orders must be in VMPF.


    Having your finances in order is extremely important prior to PCSing. To out-process Finance, submit your departure date and orders via (CSP) Comptroller Services Portal at

    For questions/concerns, Finance has walk-in hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 0900-1300.

    Base Library

    You can contact the Library at 632-5382 to be out-processed within 30 days of your departure. Please make sure you have returned all items.

    Note: You will not be able to checkout anything once you have out-processed.


    SIPR Token Holder -- Please bring your SIPR Token to Bldg 1442, Room 115, M-TH from 0800-1600. If you do not have a SIPR Token/Account, please send an email with your full SSAN to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • 20 Days


  • 15 Days

    IACS Deregistration/RAB Turn-in | Post Office

  • 14 Days

    Home Fuels | Passenger Travel | Debrief SSO/SSR

  • 10 Days

    Flight/Jump Record | Medical Records | Schedule Dorm Out

  • 7 Days

    Permisso Di Soggiorno Turn-in | Vehicles/Motorcycle/Gas Card/Orders/Road Tax | Schedule Final Out

  • 5 Days


  • 1 Day

    Final Out