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Home Fuels

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  •  General

    About Home Fuels

    Home Fuels is a tax-relief program. Authorized patrons wanting tax-relief from their home utilities (natural gas and electric) are welcome to enroll. Check out Forms and Information in the Useful Info section. The Housing Step-By-Step Guide, Section 3, Packet 3, located at: will help you get started. For questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

    How It Works

    Our office acts as the liaison between the utility companies and our clients. We will initiate contract openings, receive and pay invoices on your behalf, issue invoices in USD, advocate on your behalf for any billing issues, and close your utilities when it is time for you to depart. Our services have a monthly program fee. Currently, it is $9 per utility each month.

    In addition to our normal services, we offer gasolio for home heating at a reduced price. Authorized patrons are welcome to order gasolio at our customer support section. You do not need to be a Home Fuels program member; however, you will need to show your military ID card or Logistical Support letter.

  •  Programs & Services

    Inbound Personnel

    If you are interested in joining Home Fuels to take advantage of our tax-relief services, please visit our Customer Support team with the following documents:

    1. Copy of orders to Aviano (military) / Signed Logistical Support Letter (DoD Civilian)
    2. Housing Contract
    3. Completed Utilities Page (provided with Housing Packet)
    Important: We only work with the following utility providers for tax-free electric and natural gas services: BluEnergy and Sky Gas & Power 

    If the residence you wish to occupy isn't currently being serviced by one of our preferred providers, your landlord or property manager will need to disconnect services prior to your visit to our office. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Failure to take appropriate action prior to in-processing our office will delay utility connections.

    Manage Your Utility Bills

    Utility TrakR is a secure website, using Chase Paymentech as our preferred payment gateway. Securely manage your utility bills online! CLICK HERE to visit the site.
    Visit the Useful Info section and click Forms & Information to find documentation of how to register and pay online.

    Outbound Personnel

    It is very important to close your utilities properly. You must visit our office two weeks prior to vacating your residence. We will provide you an out-processing package and schedule you a final out-processing appointment at the time of your visit. Bring the following documents when you return for your final appointment with us:

    • PCS orders
    • Completed Closure Form with meter readings
    • Completed Electronic Funds Transfer Form

    Be prepared to pay an estimation for unbilled usage at the time of out-processing. Your estimated unbilled usage will be calculated from the readings of the last invoice we paid on your behalf and the current readings you provide. This will be an estimation only and does not represent your final bill. Your estimation credit will be absorbed by the final invoice received by the utility company. Any remaining funds on your account will be returned to you via EFT. Any owed funds will be billed to you; therefore it is highly encouraged to have an online Utility TrakR account to manage your utilities.

    If you have a gas meter that is not accessible, you will need to be present at the time of the closing appointment. We do not have control over the dates and times of the closing appointments; therefore it is imperative that you do not wait until you've already vacated the property to visit our office. If you cannot be available at the time of the closure, you will need to coordinate with someone who can. Any fuel consumption beyond your move out date will be applied to your account until the service can be closed.

  •  Useful Info

    Download Documents

     Forms & Information

    Expecting A Refund

    If the Home Fuels Account Management team emailed you to notify you of a pending refund, please complete the requested Electronic Funds Transfer Form, found in the Forms & Information section above, and send the signed form to our Account Management Team for processing. It can take up to 15 days to process the EFT once it is received.

    To Pay or Not to Pay

    If your Home Fuels Invoice has parentheses around the amount in the "Total Due" section, it is a credit and you do not need to pay the invoice. Example: ($75.00) is a credit and $75.00 is a balance due.

    Tired of the Breaker Tripping?

    Did you turn on your oven, the air conditioner, and decide to wash a load of laundry at the same time? Power outage got you trippin’? Learn how you can increase your wattage.  As a home fuels customer, you can submit a Wattage Increase Form with us and we will request a wattage increase for your residence with your utility company. A unit’s standard wattage is usually set to 3.3 KW. We can assist you with increasing your wattage to 4.5 KW or even 6 KW depending on what your requirements are. Keep in mind that request to increase/decrease wattage after your initial utility setup will result in extra fees. It is best to request your desired wattage upon initial setup. NOTE: rates per KWH differentiate as the wattage increases. Higher rates and bills can be expected with higher KW settings at your residence. The Increase Wattage Form is located under Forms & Information above.

    Gasolio Prices

    Prices are subject to change daily based on economic influences such as exchance rate and fuel costs. To view current prices, click here.

    Did you know?

    Customers save 36% on their gas bill and 13% on their electric bill due to the exemption of paying IVA taxes through the Home Fuels Program! Imposta Valore Aggiunto (IVA) is a tax all Italians must pay to the government on their utilities, but the US government is exempt from payment in accordance with Article 72 of the IVA implementing decree. As long as 31 FSS pays for the bill initially our service members will be exempt from this tax. It’s money in the bank!

  •  Contact

     Flightline, Housing Office: Bldg. 1409
    DSN 632-5083  /  COMM 0434-30-5083


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