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    About Us

    The Aviano Military Post Office (MPO) operates as an extension of the United States Postal Service (USPS) in order to provide efficient and responsive postal services to authorized personnel and activities overseas during both normal and contingency operations. The Department of Defense pays for the transportation of mail between the United States gateways and overseas, and inter- and intra-theater locations.

    The Official Mail Center (OMC) provides cost-effective policies and procedures for all unit mail being shipped via USPS. All Official Mail must be sent via USPS. The OMC also provides door-to-door delivery of all mail to a single point within the unit, the Activity Distribution Office.

  •  Services


    All USPS services are provided at Aviano excluding Express Mail.
    Intra-theater Delivery Service (IDS): Postage-free delivery of official, personal, organizational, and commercial correspondence and parcels that do not enter the USPS network within the United States, its territories, or possessions.

  •  Useful Info


    • Can be completed no earlier than 30 days prior to RNTLD month
    • Sponsors can request a mailbox, but cannot receive the combination
    • Must provide copy of orders or logistical support agreement (civilians)

    Deployments, TDYs or Extended Leave

    • Complete DD Form 2258: Temporary Mail Disposition Instructions
    • Mail can be held or forwarded to a different US address


    • Forwarding US address must be provided. You can update your mailing address via
    • Mail is forwarded for 6 months (2 months for magazines)

    Please Note:

    Only mail matching the sponsor's name on the receptacle can be placed inside the receptacle. When names do not match, the mail is reviewed and if no match is found it is returned to the sender.
    Inform Customer Service of any changes in status including:

    • DEROS update
    • Marriage
    • Birth
    • Divorce
    • Death

    Download Documents

    Save time by downloading and completing all the required registration documents in advance.

     Forms & Information

  •  Contact

    Aviano Main Post Office

     Area F, Main Post Office, Bldg 1478
      DSN 632-4086 or COMM 011-39-434 30 4086

    Official Mail Center

     Area F, Official Mail Center/Postal Annex, Bldg 14081
      DSN 632-8010 or COMM 011-39-434 30 8010

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Hours of Operation


  • Parcel Pickup: 1000-1800
  • Finance: 1000-1700
  • Customer Service: 1000-1600
  • Registered Mail: 1000-1500
  • Official Mail Center: 1000-1600


  • Parcel Pickup: 1000-1400
  • Finance: 1000-1400
  • Official Mail Center: Closed

All operations closed on Sundays, Federal Holidays, & USAFE Family Days/Goal Days.

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