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Fuel, Coupons, & Rations Card

Fuel & Oil Coupons

Fuel and oil vouchers are used instead of cash or debit cards to buy vehicle fuel or oil on the economy. There are no gas stations on military installations in Italy. Fuel/oil coupon prices exclude Italian taxes. Fuel coupons are authorized for only one primary registered vehicle. The number of liters you are able to purchase each month depends on your vehicle’s engine size. It is recommended register your vehicle with largest engine as your primary.

Where to Use Fuel Coupons

Coupons are accepted at only 2 Italian gas chains, AGIP and ENI. Coupons are not valid outside of Italy.
NOTE: Always ask before pumping gas if the station accepts coupons. Only Autostrada AGIP and ENI stations are required to accept the coupons, and sometimes only local stations near base will recognize and accept them.

Download the ENI App Here

Gas Station HoursScreenshot 20180510 104652 GoogleScreenshot 20180510 104611 Google

  • To use gas coupons there must be a gas attendant present
  • Mon-Sat: Closed 12:00p.m. – 2:30 p.m
  • Sunday and Holidays: Autostrada gas stations are 24/7
  • Attendants are on duty every day during business hours

One-time Fuel Coupons – When you arrive

Don’t buy fuel on the economy when you first get here! If you are driving around town in a rental vehicle or if you have your vehicle but have not completed the vehicle registration process, you can sign up for a one-time purchase of fuel coupons to avoid paying for gas out-of-pocket at the “with tax” rate.

Fuel Coupon Expiration & Refunds

Coupons purchased from Customer Service at the BX are valid until Sept. 30 of every year, regardless of the month in which you bought them. Any unused coupons can be returned for a refund at the original purchase price (noted on the front of your coupon booklet). Returns of unused coupons must be made by Nov. 20 each year. Note: Only 2 months’ worth of coupons will be refunded.

Buy Fuel Coupons at the BX

  1. Fuel Card: A fuel card authorizes you to buy a certain number of tax-free liters of fuel each month based on your primary vehicle’s engine size. After completing vehicle registration, you’ll receive a fuel card. You can also get a fuel card before completing registration. Then, take your fuel card to Customer Service at the BX to buy coupons.
    NOTE: To buy coupons, be sure your name and signature are on the fuel card.
  2. Purchase Fuel Coupons: After turning in your fuel card to the BX, you can buy fuel coupon booklets from Customer Service at the BX. The vouchers come in booklets of 100 liters or 200 liters with denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 liter coupons. Fuel coupon prices are fixed at the beginning of each month.
  3. AGIP/ENI Gas Stations: Coupons are only accepted at AGIP and ENI stations (always on the Autostrada, sometimes at local stations). Always ask gas station attendants before pumping fuel if they accept coupons.

Pump Fuel

If your vehicle takes unleaded gas, only use Green “Super” pumps. Don’t use “Super S” or “Super+” otherwise you will have to pay out-of-pocket for fuel.

 Benzina: Unleaded Gas
Gasolio: Diesel
Fai da Te: Self Service
Servito: Full Service

Blue Pump: Diesel+
Green Pump: Super Unleaded Gasoline (95 Octane)
Yellow Pump: Super-S (98), or Super+ (100)

Provide Fuel Coupon: After pumping, just sign, date, and add your license plate number to a coupon and give it to the gas station attendant. There are full service attendants at most gas stations. Just tell them how many liters you want, complete the gas coupons, and you’re done!
NOTE: Most gas stations close on Sunday and Italian holidays!

Rations Card

During Newcomer’s Orientation you will receive a ration card for liquor and tobacco. Once you get your card, you can purchase these items on-base at the BX Exchange. You can buy any of these off-base without a ration card. You may contact your squadron’s CSS for additional information regarding ration card distribution.

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