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R4R Initiatives

The R4R program core focus is building and sustaining ready and resilient Airmen and Families.
In December 2015, the Air Force Services Activity (AFSVA) announced the launch of their new “Recharge for Resiliency” (R4R) program as the capstone for resiliency programming across the Air Force. R4R encompasses the following key resiliency components:
  • The Single Airman Programming Initiative (SAPI)
  • RecOn
  • Deployed Affected Programming (previously R4R)
  • Fit Families
R4R Recharge for Resiliency

Single Airman

single airman initiative
The main goal of the Single Airman Initiative is to foster a strong culture, mission and sense of community for single Airmen. Its objective is to improve technology and communication within FSS programs and activities, provide a wide variety of social and recreation opportunities through FSS recreational activities, and offer MWR life skills classes to create a Single Airman culture that supports the “whole person – healthy lifestyle.”

Eligibility Requirements: Open to Air Force Active Duty or Air Reserve Component officer or enlisted member without a spouse


The RecOn Initiative is an Outdoor Recreation program designed for any member of the base community (active duty, civilian, and dependents) to assist them in exploring the exciting adventures available in our local area through Outdoor Recreation.


deployment affected programming DAP
The Deployed Affected Programming (DAP) initiative is designed to provide support for Airmen and families impacted by deployments. FSS programs does just that by helping provide some relief from the unique challenges our deployed Airmen and their families face. This, in turn, helps build unit cohesion and a strong sense of community – both critical to the sustainment of a ready, resilient force.

Eligibility Requirements: Open to families of deployed personnel, recently returning service members and their families, or families with a service member soon to deploy.

Is your spouse currently deployed?
Bring a friend on the trip with you for the same discounted price!

Fit Families

fit families discount
Fit Families is a discount group encouraging families to participate in adventure-based trips together.

Eligibility Requirements: Active duty member with dependents (dependents - spouse and/or child - must be listed on the active duty member's orders).


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