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Set Up Overseas P.O. Box

When stationed overseas, your Soldier is authorized a free U.S. Postal Service (USPS) mail box on post and shares it with Command Sponsored dependents. The Caserma Del Din and Ederle Post Offices offer the same services and rates as in the U.S.

Benefits of a P.O. Box before PCSing
Soldiers can request a free P.O. Box before PCSing. There are some benefits to having a box before arriving:
  • Submit a change of address before traveling so that bills and mail are forwarded without delay.
  • Ship some household goods to your mailbox before traveling so they arrive when you do.
Sign Up for a P.O. Box
Soldiers must be within 60 days of reporting to Vicenza to request a P.O. Box. To get a mail box:
  • Your Soldier’s Sponsor can visit the post office in person to request a box for you. OR
  • With PCS Orders, request a mail box via email. Find emails for Caserma Ederle and Caserma Del Din post offices at USAG Italy’s Postal Service Center.
TIP: There is a USPS location on Caserma Ederle and one on Caserma Del Din. If your Soldier will work on Del Din, find out if you can get a box at Del Din (for convenience) - however, Soldiers in the Del Din Barracks have priority.

APO Mail Service

Using USPS on post, sending mail or packages back home takes 10-14 days with priority or first class service.
Space-A Mail
If you’re not in a hurry for your packages to arrive at their destination, try sending them on a Space-A flight. Shipping may take longer, but you might save a few bucks!
Military Postal Service (MPS)
Did you buy too much at a German Christmas market and don’t have room for items in your suitcase? Send letters and packages up to 70 lbs. for FREE from one APO to another APO. Read more online at the Department of the Army’s HRC Postal Program FAQs.
Receiving Packages or Letters
Because your P.O. Box operates like a regular U.S. address, your family and friends can send you packages at U.S. postage rates and avoid international charges. DO NOT include a city or country on an APO address label.

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