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Passports & Visas

Dependents, Civilians and NAF Personnel - Do NOT leave U.S. without No-Fee (Official) Passport & Visa

Official Passport

Before traveling, inbound active duty members, civilian,  NAF employees and dependent family members who are U.S. citizens must apply for a No-Fee Passport at a Military Passport Office (or  Non-U.S. citizens must apply for a country of origin passport. Bring the following original or certified documents:

  • Military ID Card & PCS Orders
  • ORB/ERB (Newborn passports)
  • DoD member's ID (Back & Front copy)
  • DS-11 or DS-82 (with passport)
  • Birth, Naturalization or Citizenship Certificate
  • Name Change Documents (Marriage/Divorce decrees)
  • 2 Recent Passport Photos
  • Current and/or Expired Passports
  • Both parents must be present or have a notarized DS-3053

Process can take 8 or more weeks
For more information go to Passport Office or contact the 31 FSS Passport Office

Your No-Fee Passport is for Official Travel such as PCS, ETS, TDY, or travel between Europe and the U.S.


Once your U.S. No-Fee Passport or country of origin passport is ready, all Civilians, NAF employees and dependents must apply for an Italian Missione Visa (Type D) at your Military Passport Office (embassy/consulate) before traveling to Italy. This visa will be affixed to the inside of your passport and used to apply for a Soggiorno upon arrival. Bring the original or certified documents with you:

  • Military ID Card front/back & PCS Orders
  • No-Fee Passport (must be signed before getting Visa)
  • Name Change Documents (Marriage/Divorce decrees)
  • 2 Recent Passport Photos

Visas can take 2-4 weeks

Tourist Passport

Tourist Passports are required for leisure travel outside of your host nation. It can take up to 8 weeks to process a tourist passport in Europe. Apply for a Tourist Passport prior to leaving the U.S. to avoid delays in travel!

NOTE: Use your No-Fee Official Passport & Visa to travel between your host nation & U.S., that’s what it’s for!

Apply for tourist passports at any U.S. Post Office or visit:
Member is responsible for fees incurred to obtain a tourist passport

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