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The Professional Development Center (PDC) consists of the Career Assistance Advisor (CAA) and First Term Airman Center (FTAC).

The CAA manages the PDC, providing oversight of FTAC, briefings, and seminars. Provides transitional information to all enlisted Airmen that receive Aviano AB as their first duty assignment.

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Career Assistance Advisor (CAA)

  • Career counseling services to all Airmen assigned to the 31 FW and 4 geographically-separated units.
  • Assistance to 1st and 2nd term Airmen, within 15 months of their Date-of-Separation, with making an informed decision to reenlist, separate, or transition to the AF Reserve or Guard.
  • Notifying Airmen of AF benefits and entitlements changes and provides navigational instructions to internet sources to enhance Airmen’s careers.

First Term Airmen Center (FTAC)

FTAC is supervised by a FTAC Team Leader under the supervision of the CAA. FTAC provides a 5-day course comprised of DoD, AF, USAFE, and 31 FW mandatory curriculum requirements.

The curriculum consist of a series of essential inprocessing and training briefings designed to assist First Term Airmen transition from a basic training and technical school mindset in to the operational force. This course also provides Wing Leadership’s perspective, zero tolerance programs, and an opportunity to build network with Airmen adapting to the new environment. FTAC is organized to ensure that Airmen arriving receive course within 30 days of arriving at Aviano AB.


31FW improving the First 31 minutes, hours, & days before, upon, & after arrival.

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DSN 632-4480 / COMM 0434-30-4480


DSN 632-FTAC (3822) / COMM 0434-30-3822


FTAC Team Leader:
DSN 632-5577 / COMM 0434-30-5577


Mon - Fri:
7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Sat, Sun, Holidays, & Goal Days:


Via Pordenone,
52, 33080 Aviano PN, Italy

Area F Bldg 1467 2nd floor

Area F Bldg 1467 2nd floor

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