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Travel Allowance

31FW improving the First 31 minutes, hours, & days before, upon & after arrival

Submitting Travel Voucher

Members are responsible for filing their PCS travel voucher in E-Finance. E-Finance Link

***Once your package is created, select “Briefings” from the left navigation column to access the Aviano eFinance Guide.

Dislocation Allowance (DLA)

DLA covers part of the cost of moving. DLA is based on rank/dependency status and if dependents relocate.

Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE)

TLE reimburses up to 5 days of CONUS Permanent Duty Station government lodging & meals during a PCS. Non-availability statement required if lodged off base. Receipt required.

Reimbursable Expenses

Reimbursable expenses may include flights, mileage and tolls to airport or to ship POV, or approved excess baggage fees. Keep receipts! Expenses associated with rental cars or pet travel are not reimbursable. Personally procured move expenses can be claimed with TMO.

Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA)

TLA reimburses Airmen for OCONUS government lodging and meals during a PCS. Non-availability statement required if staying off base. TLA is a reimbursed through military pay.

How to pay for all the travel?

If your family needs financial assistance to help pay for travel expenses before you are reimbursed, check out these options:

Government Travel Card (GTC)

  • All Airmen on official government travel will be issued a GTC for permissible expenses while on official travel orders. GTCs may not be used while on leave status.
  • Unpaid GTC bills charge a $29 late payment fee after it becomes 60 days delinquent. Unpaid GTC bills can impact an Airman’s personal credit score. Consult the unit’s Agency Program Coordinator for details and to be placed in Mission Critical Status prior to departure.

Base Pay Advance

  • One month base pay can be advanced less deductions 30 days prior to departure or 60 days after arrival.
  • Review all options before taking a PCS pay advance. This must be paid back within 12 months. Certain situations require CC signature. Contact the Finance office for more information.

A&FRC: Air Force Aid Bridge Loan

  • Contact A&FRC for info on zero interest loan options at 011+39 0434-30-5407 or DSN 314-632-5407. (This is not offered at CPTS/Finance, you must contact A&FRC)

TLA – TQSA Reimbursement Process

DoD members are authorized Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) upon arrival and can submit paperwork for every 15 nights of lodging to be reimbursed for meal and/or lodging costs.
How to get TLA Reimbursement: Military Members Only

Member must file for TLA reimbursement in 15 day increments. To do so provide the Housing Office with copies of the following items:

  • Copy of the hotel PAID RECEIPT showing charges for 15 days.
  • If residing with a friend you can only claim “meals only”, meal receipts are NOT required.
  • Copy of PCS orders and amendments.
  • If staying off Base, copy of non-availability statement issued by 31FSS/SVML (Lodging)
  • Quarters Visited form found in the “Searching for Home” packet provided by the Housing office.
How to get TQSA Reimbursement: Civilian Employees Only

Member must file for Temporary Quarter Subsidy Allowance (TQSA) reimbursement in 30 day increments.

  • Contact Civilian Personnel Office, they will meet with you one-on-one to complete TQSA processing. Phone: +39-0434-30-7291 or DSN: 314-632-7291
  • You are authorized TQSA for up to 90 days for temporary quarters
  • This includes meals and laundry/dry-cleaning expenses
  • You need to extend your lodging reservations every 30 days. Don’t do this on the 30th day as you will be getting a “checkout” notice on that day. Plan in advance.

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