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Vehicle Registration

All vehicles are registered through the 31st Security Forces Squadron Pass and Registration office. All personally owned vehicles and all government owned vehicles are assigned an AFI plate number to the vehicle. A maximum of 3 vehicle registrations is permitted at one time and per tour per active duty member, logistically supported civilian, and contractor. Primary vehicle receives fuel rations and will not pay annual Italian road tax. Secondary vehicles are not authorized fuel rations and will pay annual Italian road tax. Annual renewal of your registration is also required to receive a new fuel card each year for your primary vehicle.

8 Steps to Register your POV

  1. Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) Email
    Once you’re notified by email that your vehicle has arrived establish your insurance policy and contact Pass and Registration. Your 302 customs form from VPC will be sent to the Pass and Registration office. Contact Pass and Registration at: 0434 30 4858  Contact VPC at: 0434 65 1106
  2. Establish Insurance Policies
    You will need to cover your vehicle with a European coverage plan. There are 2 options available: USAA and GEICO.
    • USAA will need: 1) Sponsor’s name 2) VIN, Year, Make, Model of vehicle
    •  Geico (Go to Geico office in Aviano)
  3. Power of Attorney (POA) 
    A POA is required when sponsor is not present. You may obtain a POA at your local legal office.
  4. Complete registration application/Schedule your appointment
    Complete online application located on the 31 SFS Pass and Registration SharePoint utilizing CAC. In lieu of a SharePoint appointment, you may walk-in to complete the paper application.
    • Applications will take 24 to 48 hours to process
    • You will receive an email or phone call when your application is complete and can return to Pass and Registration to complete the registration process. Or you may schedule your appointment through the link provided in the email.
    • All required documents are needed, in hand, in order to make a walk-in appointment time. See the Aviano APP or Pass and Registration office for a complete list.
  5. Fee
    Bring 5 Euro to appointment to cover plate fee.(Must be exact change)
  6. Vehicle Pickup/License Plate Installation
    Return to the VPC to install cover plates and pick-up vehicle
  7. Vehicle Safety Inspection
    Once you have received your vehicle immediately obtain a vehicle safety inspection. This is conducted at 31st LRS POV Inspection Tent hours: Noon to 4:00 p.m. It is behind the commissary, on the same road as Outdoor Recreation.
  8. Vehicle registration & gas card
    Return to Pass and Registration to submit safety inspection form and pick-up Gas Card/Registration.
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